Episode One: Intro and birthdays

Everyone has a birthday, but what does celebrating the day you were born mean after you've done it 94 times? Or just 21? Find out with What What Why's inaugural episode, all about birthdays. 

Lynne Hand_Happy Birthday / Flickr

Episode Two: Communication

What our mothers and guidance counselors always told us is true: good communication is crucial. But what happens when the channels of communication, the actual tools, preclude connection. 

Roel Wijnants / Flickr

Episode Three: The Raging Grannies

Age has no bearing on one's ability to rage. Pittsburgh's Raging Grannies, the local chapter of an international activist group of women over 50, protest through song. Their mission is to promote peace, justice, social and economic equality, using satire to make a point. 

Behind the scenes Raging Grannies

Episode Four: Project Prom

As spring arrives teenagers across the country freak out about limos, dresses, tuxes and the end of high school. This episode of What What Why examines the event's significance through Allegheny County Department of Human Services' Project Prom. 

Project Prom