City votes unanimously in favor of urban agriculture

City Planning Commission yesterday voted unanimously to approve changes to the zoning code governing urban agriculture, making it easier for residents to grow food and keep chickens, bees and goats on their properties. [More...]

How Mayor Peduto will shape the 2016 presidential election

While at the Congressional City Conference, Mayor Peduto was named to the bipartisan 2016 Presidential Task Force that will keep city issues at the fore of the 2016 tussle. [More...]

Smarter buildings partnership between IBM and CMU "changing the world"

There are things humans can’t do. Effectively capturing and analyzing second-by-second energy-use data from multiple buildings is one of them. The new smarter buildings partnership between IBM and Carnegie Mellon University, announced yesterday, will provide an integrated monitoring system that finds ways to reduce energy use in the built environment. [More...]

How the Uptown Eco Innovation District could drive growth and change

Despite being located between Pennsylvania’s second and third largest commercial business districts, Uptown has endured decades of population loss and decline. Now city, community and university leaders want to rebuild the once thriving neighborhood and will use the Eco Innovation District process to do so, says Pittsburgh Sustainability Manager Grant Ervin. [More...]

Master Builders' Association announces Building Excellence Awards at annual event

Master Builders’ Associates of Western Pennsylvania (MBA) hosts its annual Building Excellence Awards to spotlight the hard work of not just contractors but the entire web of people who make building possible in Pittsburgh: owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and craftspeople. [More...]

What the numbers in Pittsburgh's 2015 budget actually mean

From fueling snow plows to new playground surfaces in the west end, manifestations of Pittsburgh's 2015 budget are all around you. [More...]

My landscaper is a goat: Steel City Grazers

Yard work can seem an unpleasant task on those long, hot summer evenings when the porch or pool beckons. Unless you’re a goat. In which case, that quarter acre of overgrown lawn looks pretty enticing. Carrie Pavlik’s new goat grazing business, Steel City Grazers, will clear vegetation when you don’t want to. [More...]

Mapping Pittsburgh's air quality to get to the source

For two years Albert A. Presto measured air pollution at 70 sites throughout the county. An assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies, Presto specifically looked at levels of particulate matter otherwise known as PM2.5. Taking annual averages, the data was layered on top of a Google Earth image to illustrate varying concentrations. [More...]

Light up the Gulf Tower with your Instagram, Pittsburgh

Empathy is the ability to share the feelings of another person. But when introduced to those feelings by the thousands of images we encounter every day — on the web, via Facebook and Instagram, from friends and strangers — how do we respond? New York-based French artist Antoine Catala explores empathy in the digital age, and how images provoke emotion in the Carnegie Museum of Art exhibition, Distant Feel. [More...]

Three Crossings, riverfront housing and retail coming to the Strip

Oxford Development will break ground today for Three Crossings, an 11-acre mixed-use site in the Strip District. The project will increase the neighborhood’s density and further the objectives of the Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard vision plan, intending to reconnect neighborhoods to the riverfronts and each other. [More...]

125,000-square-foot Studio C opens to attract more movie production

A 125,000-square-foot film studio will open in the former Bruce Plastics building in Robinson, creating a new production space to attract producers and films to the region. [More...]

No place like home: VisitPittsburgh unveils new airport welcome center

The ho-hum sameness of airports is a common complaint of frequent travelers. But the new Welcome Center at Pittsburgh International Airport that opened yesterday was designed to feel like Pittsburgh, says Craig Davis, president and CEO of Allegheny County’s tourism promotion agency VisitPittsburgh. [More...]

U.S. Steel announces new headquarters in Lower Hill Redevelopment Site

U.S. Steel today committed to remaining in Pennsylvania, announcing plans to build its new world headquarters at the former Civic Arena site. The deal reached by U.S. Steel and the Penguins will make the company the anchor tenant in the Lower Hill Redevelopment. [More...]

Port Authority's ridership numbers are good, but just part of a story

From October 2013 to October 2014 the Port Authority of Allegheny County noted a $74,690 increase in passenger revenue. The uptick was attributed to a growth in ridership, up more than one percent year-to-date. It’s too soon to hypothesize about why ridership is up, says James Ritchie, communications officer for the Port Authority. [More...]

Why the strategic plan for Upper Lawrenceville wins awards and really works

Community development master plans are sometimes dismissed as dust-collectors, documents that just sit on shelves. But in the first year of its existence Upper Lawrenceville’s strategic development plan has earned accolades and enabled growth in the neighborhood. [More...]

Bringing new life to McKees Rocks business district

Today McKees Rocks celebrates the return of lower Chartiers Avenue to two-way traffic. For almost 30 years, the traffic pattern governing the borough’s main street siphoned foot and vehicular traffic away from the business district. No more. [But for more of this story...]

GE building $32 million manufacturing facility in Findlay Township

GE announced it will build a new manufacturing facility in Findlay Township that is expected to create 50 high-tech engineering jobs. The site was chosen to capitalize on the region’s assets, including a skilled workforce and a diverse academic landscape. [More...]

Former Gullifty's space a "perfect match" for Friendship Circle

Construction will begin this week as the former Gullifty’s restaurant in Squirrel Hill becomes The Friendship Circle. The multi-million dollar renovation will dramatically expand the building’s floor plan as well as Friendship Circle’s presence in the neighborhood. [More...]

$1.5 million slated for Allentown through Neighborhood Partnership Program

The Hilltop Alliance has been granted $1.5 million for community improvement and economic development programs in Allentown over the next six years. [More...]

Why 1.4 million people are following Ali Spagnola

There are monsters in Ali Spagnola’s living room. The two main characters from Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.—a seven-foot fuzzy-blue likeness of Sully and the short-statured likeness of Mike—are more prominent than the bright red couches that hem them in or the 24 paintings that lay drying on every available surface. They seem at ease along the edges of the room, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for a person’s monsters to be out in the open. [More...]

The 3 biggest challenges The Allegheny Conference is tackling

The region’s biggest challenge is population, said Allegheny Conference CEO Dennis Yablonsky at the annual meeting of the Conference on Wednesday evening. [More...]

Aldi buys 20 Pittsburgh area Bottom Dollar Foods for $15 million

The Belgian parent company of Bottom Dollar Foods, Delhaize Group, announced today it will sell its 66 locations in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions to Aldi. The agreement priced the sale of the 66 locations at $15 million. [More...]

Hill District's $13.2 million Centre Heldman Plaza nears completion

The Hill District’s 29,500 square-foot Centre Heldman Plaza is nearly complete. A year after the development’s anchor tenant, Shop ‘n Save, opened its doors and reversed the neighborhood’s designation as a food desert, five new retail businesses will offer basic services to residents close to home. [More...]

New bookstore, Classic Lines, opens in Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill bibliophiles can finally ease their phantom limb symptoms, no longer reflexively turning their steps toward the long-shuttered Barnes and Noble. With the opening of Classic Lines, located at 5825 Forbes Avenue in the previous home of Capriccio Boutique, the neighborhood now boasts two independent booksellers. [More...]

Free home-buying workshop: Making housing work

To rent or to buy? For many residents, home ownership might seem out of the question. A free home-buying workshop from the non-profit Pittsburgh Housing Development Association (PHDA) will be held in Wilkinsburg on Monday, Nov. 3 to offer a roadmap for converting rent payments to mortgage payments. [More...]

Reimagining the city's vacant lots

The Department of City Planning is conducting an inventory of city-owned vacant lots in order to guide land reuse initiatives on underused parcels. [More...]

New Lawrenceville factory to help Edward Marc Brands satisfy national craving

Edward Marc Brands, owners of the South Side Milk Shake Factory, will open a new 50,000 square-foot Lawrenceville chocolate factory in January 2015. Supplementing production at the company’s Trafford factory, the move will allow the fourth-generation chocolatiers to meet national retail demand for Snappers, their sweet-and-salty snack product. [More...]

Granite Building downtown to be restored as cool boutique hotel

“To make Pittsburgh a destination, to make it the next great American city, requires investment in projects like this,” said Kevin Acklin, chief of staff for Mayor Peduto at the announcement of a $2.5 million grant for the Granite Building on Friday. [More...]

Artsmiths of Pittsburgh to open artists' market in Mt. Lebanon

A collaboration between Mt. Lebanon business owners will bring a new 10,000 square-foot art and cultural space to the old Rollier’s Hardware barn at the end of McFarland Road. The project will dramatically expand artist representation in Pittsburgh and the South Hills. [More...]

Island Studios' new film production complex will boost economy and bring in movies

Island Studios has broken ground on a new 75,000 square-foot sound-proof stage and 40,000 square-foot office space in McKees Rocks, partly funded by a $2.5 million Economic Growth Initiative grant from the state that promises to accelerate economic growth and boost Pittsburgh’s standing in the movie industry. [More...]

New Frick Environmental Center a means to an end

Since a 2002 fire destroyed the old building, the Frick Environmental Center has been reduced to a trailer where Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy employees convene environmental education classes. Yesterday, after 12 years of planning, concrete was poured for the foundation of a new $18 million building. [More...]

Facade improvement: The secret behind your favorite Pittsburgh places

Take a walk through Allentown or Garfield, the Cultural District or Lawrenceville; head for the North Side or the Hill or Homewood and chances are you’ll see a building that’s been refurbished thanks to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) four facade improvement programs. [More...]

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